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Artificial Intelligence can be a very daunting subject. At a glance, it seems confusing and unapproachable, but in reality, this does not have to be the case. AIWVU strives to bring technical AI knowledge to everyone that wants to learn, regardless of experience. We host biweekly discussions and workshops to make AI more accessible to anyone that wants to learn. Questions? Email us at

When do we meet?

For Fall 2023 we meet biweekly on Mondays at 7:00pm in AER 137 starting August 21. A more detailed calendar of events can be found on the homepage.

New to AI?

Perfect! We aim to provide technical and theoretical knowledge to anyone eager to learn. No AI or coding experience is required!

How do I become a member?

Just come to a meeting! You can also join our official WVUENGAGE page to be automatically added to the mailing list, or our Discord to stay in the communication loop.

Are there membership dues?

There is no fee to become a member! We believe membership dues are antithetical to our mission as a club and have elected to stop collecting fees. We will primarily be funded through SAC hours, fundraisers, and donations.

What is SAC?

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is the organization which is responsible for all Statler clubs. We can earn WVU funding proportional to the number of hours volunteered at SAC events


Instagram - @ai.wvu
Email -

Past Officers:

President -  Rohit Chivukula
Vice President - Bella Lutz
Secretary - Carlee Lusher
Treasurer - Faith Riggle
Outreach Coordinator - Lilly Culp
Event Coordinator - Sean Carpenter
Advisor - Thomas Devine
President -  Rohit Chivukula
Vice President -  Soren Kowalski
Secretary - Jacob Thrasher (Fall), Bella Lutz (Spring)
Treasurer - Jhanvee Patel (Fall), Faith Riggle (Spring)
Digital Media Manager - Soren Kowalski (Fall), Carlee Lusher (Spring)
Advisor - Thomas Devine
President -  Jacob Thrasher
Vice President -  Kollin Labowski
Secretary - Ethan Dean
Treasurer - Amelia Gazsi
Digital Media Manager - Soren Kowalski
Advisor - Thomas Devine

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