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Tom Devine - WVU Computer Science Professor

Dr. Tom Devine

Computer Science Professor

Dr. Devine spoke with AIWVU about his PhD dissertation on detecting pulsars with semi-supervised learning on a distributed system. He walked us through the entire process from inception, to first steps, to the groundbreaking research used to detect the presence of pulsars from thousands of terabytes of data.


Dr. Devine is a WV-born and bred educator who prepares students to meet the demands of the modern technological workforce. Dr. Devine chooses to be an educator because, “I find [teaching] deeply rewarding. When I can convince the young minds in front of me that what we are talking about in this room right now is truly important and could change the way they look at the world, I feel like I am doing good work. When I see that student who I had in class as a Freshman or Sophomore graduate and get a good job supporting their family doing something they love that I taught them to do, I know I am doing good work.” When he isn’t teaching or doing research, Dr. Devine can be caught spending time with his family, playing with Spock (his Frenchie), riding his motorcycle, or slaying dragons online.