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Blaise Arbogast - Data Scientist at Noblis

Blaise Arbogast and AIWVU

Data Scientist at Noblis

Data Scientist and WVU Alum, Blaise Arbogast came in to talk to the club about being a data scientist in a government contracting company. He spoke on the basics of AI and what steps members should take to pursue a career in data science.


Blaise graduated from West Virginia University in 2018 with a BA after playing for the university Football team. He returned the following year to complete his M.S in Business Data Analytics while working at the Thrasher Group. After graduation he moved to Noblis, a government defense contractor, to work as a Data Scientist, where he works today.

In November 2022, he spoke with the members of Artificial Intelligence WVU about his role at Noblis. Unfortunately he couldn't share much about his work specifically, but he spoke in depth about what it takes to be a data scientist in industry.